10 Steps to be an Effective Leader

How do you lead your people ? such that they listen to you, they respect you and they follow you. As a leader or manager unless you have team that listens , respects or follows you then you are not going to get very far of the management ladder. Leadership is not a sophisticated art or complex skill as described in some books. If your intentions are honest and good and you have the determination to accept success and failure and also  by following simple 10 steps you can be a brilliant leader.

1. Know what you want to achieve in your life.

2. Know how you are going to achieve it.

3. Deeply understand vision,mission, and strategy of the organization you are working

4. Co-create with your team a vision of future for two years.

5. Co-create a strategy and a plan with your team to achieve the goals

6. Co- create a charter with your team and everyone agrees to this.

7. You find a coach and start receiving regular coaching yourself and coach 12 members at least.

8. Keep your eye on the numbers of performance

9. Deal with under performance quickly and professionally.

10. Celebrate Success with public and private acknowledgement.

Is that everything? no! but these are the main points.


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