Checklist to Select a Good Startup Mentor

If you're an early-stage entrepreneur and this is your first startup company and looking for a person to guide you or coach you in other areas of your business. Yes then you must be looking for a right mentor for your start up. How do you choose a good mentor. Here's a checklist that will help you find your future start-up mentor and coach.

1. Find a mentor who is a good listener.

2. Find a mentor who is unlike you in some important aspect.

3. Find a mentor who levels with you.

4. Meet in person before you choose him as your mentor , guru or coach.

5. Find a mentor who is successful in the type of business you want to build.

6. Find a mentor with good balance of similarities with your strengths and weakness.

7. Find a mentor who has experience or specialty in the field you work.

8. Find for people who you know in personal and professional life.

9. Find a mentor who is your opposite.

10. Find a mentor who is successful in life and work balance.

Message: You are never too old to be mentored

Article By : Startuptimes Editorial Team

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