Ronald George Quit his Corporate Life to Startup a Momo Shop

The human being is a very peculiar species. While most of our kind lives constrained by the rules created by others, there are those that break out. Everyone has the capacity to do so, but only a few do. Take Mr. Ronald George for example; a hotshot recruiter with 24 x 7 Customer who decided to quit his day job after ten years of working to spend more time with his family.. And as a side business, started an eat joint, that only serves Momos. Read More

What is a Momo ?

Momo (dumpling) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Momo (Nepali: म:म; simplified Chinese: 馍馍; traditional Chinese: 饃饃; pinyin: mómo; Tibetan: མོག་མོག་, Wylie: mog mog); is a type of dumpling native to Tibet


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