The ABC of Cloud Computing

Mani  Doraisamy

Co-Founder, Orangescape

Why do we need Cloud?
Building software is a painful experience for companies. If you have built a house for yourself, you can imagine how difficult it is, to build software. Delays, escalating costs & building for wrong specifications are as common in software as in building a house. Buying an already built software and upgrading to new version everytime is also quite expensive. Not every company can afford to own such software. Only the big ones can. The companies that cant afford to own software are usually the Small & Medium enterprises - SMEs.

People who cant afford to own a house, can rent them. Why cant companies do the same? Can't SMEs rent software? Can't they pay-for-use? This is the central question - the business need - Cloud computing attempts to answer.

What is Cloud?
Cloud is a term, used to describe services available on the internet. All these days, services have been available on your computer. Microsoft word gives you document editing service on your computer. Outlook gives you mailing service and so on. These services are now available on the internet. For example, Google Docs is available as a service on the internet for document editing & Gmail gives you mailing service - all on your internet browser. You dont have to install and upgrade to the newer version of such software, every now and then. If you are a consumer paying for such software upgrades, this is good news.  Continue Reading....


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