What is the Role of a Good Startup CEO ?

The good startup CEO role can be hard to define.  Simply put, you’re job role is everything and anything.  That’s where the startup CEO is at this moment…but you’re end goal is to move out of that managing phase, and into one of freedom; while still preserving your vision and the startup you built.  There’s alot of emotional challenges and issues that come along with building a team, recruiting a startup ceo, or even being the founder and ceo.  I’m not here to bore you with typical startup ceo role duties, but rather…what you’re real role is.  And the challenges you’ll be experiencing.  If you can read (or rather maintain attention long enough!) this is a really good article…filled with real life information.
The startup ceo role can be categorized into 3 clear roles.   You should attempt to delegate anything that doesn’t fit into these 3 roles:  Read Full Story 


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