Mast Kalandar - Interview with Founder Gaurav Jain

Gaurav Jain and his wife Pallavi quit comfortable corporate jobs to put their money into their first restaurant Mast Kalandar in Bangalore a few years ago. From Marketing Manager at WIPRO to Founder of Mast Kalandar, the entrepreneurial journey of Gaurav Jain is a story to be read. Today, their quick service chain is in three cities and they aim to open the 100th outlet next year. In a span of 7 years their turnover grew to 50 crores in 2012-2013 which is a commendable growth. Gaurav used his savings of Rs 18 lakhs as seed capital to launch Mast Kalandar. Startuptimes is in contact with Gaurav to get an interview. However in the meantime we would like you to watch the video interview below by with Founder Mast Kalandar.


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