5 Marketing Tools Your Start-Up Must Have

5 Marketing Tools Your Start-Up Must Have
Solid Logo: Logo will be everywhere and your logo determines the look and feel of everything you do. A gorgeous logo could change the face of your business.

Business Cards: As an entrepreneur you should be meeting people all the time and when you meet the people you make sure you have a business card. Don't be shoving on to their face all the time but want to always have one ready for making conn

Website: As soon as you here about a company where do you go?  immediately you search for their website to find information if it's not a scam. So buy a domain in the name of your company and setup a single page site with contact info.

Email : You can have a great company but if you are sending an email from gmail.com that sets off some red flag like how long are you in business. So create and send emails that has the URL of your website which validates what you are doing.

Business Address: Just getting a PO Box is fine but make it look professional like a Suite number

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