5 Social Media Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

social media mistakes

Entrepreneurs who want to make big on social media often make mistakes by doing the following

Engaging in too many arenas: They setup a youtube channel, twitter page, open facebook page, google groups but they just just can't keep it running or the content is not consistent at all places. It actually creates a worst image as the profiles across all these are not updated or maintained timely. This would effect the business loosing network or connections than gaining.
TIP: Just choose one arena once you get comfortable and then move on to other.

Failing on Budget Time: For anyone who's on facebook knows it can eat up your time to catch up with your updates and mange requests. Time management and discipline is needed to organize the facebook requests
TIP: On Monday's interact with customers and make 10 new connections.

Failing to Set Goals: Thinking that I have everything setup on social and then wait that magic would happen and after that a big question mark.
TIP: Set Goals and the goals should be sales oriented, client oriented, gaining customers.

Aiming for Brand Awareness: That's a dangerous goal for an entrepreneur on a shoe string budget as you are not Mc Donalds or Nike you are not there.
TIP: You need tangible goals

Burning out Too Quickly: Don't hit the ground running 100 miles an hour. Social Media is a marathon, you start slow and get comfortable and move consistently.

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