6 advantages of being entrepreneur

These are a few things which you already might have recognized. Yet, there is something stopping you from going the entrepreneurial way! What is it??

Comfort Cushion: After being habituated to a hurried early morning breakfast, reaching on time at the office, punching your card, a subtle greeting to colleagues and the coffee machine gossip; we come to accept targets n reports as the way our lives were meant to be and have grown comfortable on this cushion which gives a regular paycheck. Walking the tougher path with only your beliefs and motives as companions feels uncomfortable subconsciously! And this subconscious discomfort gives rise to a whole bag of reasons as to why one shouldn’t venture out for eg; I don’t have enough financial back-up, I will start-up once my children are settled, What if my start-up fails?... are just a few common ones.

Breaking off from this mindset and pushing oneself into doing what one feels right and believes in needs strong reasoning and a dash of practicality helps the cause. For this purpose, one must look at trends and what direction one may float towards in keeping up with the current trend. Following the trend in recruitment policy of companies in the last couple of years, we see, there is a shift towards lower costs and improved productivity. In the human resource context, this means more and more talent will be hired at lower wages over the coming years. Hence, as days pass compensation packages will tend to shrink rather than ballooning for the average employee.  To ascertain the facts, I urge the reader to take a hard look at the industry he/she is working in and think on these lines.

As a rough example of what I am trying to say, let us compare financials of employed earnings vis-à-vis enterprise earnings. Again, the reader will have to fine-tune this exercise according to their present situation.
An average employee may reach an earning potential of Rs. 50000/- a month in a course of 5 years, whereas, an average business gives a potential of earning that amount in just about 3 years (considering a nominally well-placed job and equally interesting business). The amount of wealth amassed over a period of 20 yrs running one’s own business is a direct multiple of that saved from salaries. I am saving the discussions about the various outcomes and factors that may make or break an employment or business for another time since there is equal possibility of success or failure in both these type of engagements. My point is, such practical calculations help to strengthen the perspective and from there emerges the “will” to move out of one’s “Comfort Cushion”. Looks like it really does make sense to Start-up!

Think about this and I shall be glad to hear your thoughts / read your comments.

About the authorSrividhya Ishwar@srividhya15
Srividhya is a Guest writer for Startuptimes.in . She's passionate about Startups & Entreprenurship in India.

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