GOORU - A Free Search Engine for Learning

Gooru Education Startup

Gooru is a free search engine for learning that makes it easy for teachers to discover educational content, organize it into learning playlists, and teach and share it with students to study.

Gooru Mission:
Gooru is developed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the human right to education.

What Gooru Offers:
It offers a whole bunch of resources for grades 5th through 12th.

Gooru Team:
Prasad Ram (aka Pram) is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Gooru. While working at Google, Pram devised a prototype to address his problem of finding age and topic appropriate educational resources on the web. What began as a “20% effort” evolved into a year-long pilot in India that included 1,000 students across 25 classrooms. Pram subsequently left Google to pursue Gooru as a non-profit education technology start-up that would develop Gooru, a search engine for learning. Pram has previously worked at Xerox Research, Dynamx Technology (co-founder), Yahoo! and Google. Pram has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA, and he obtained his B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay.
Other Team on the Board: Carol Risher,M.S. Krishnan,Vijay Shriram,Barry Fishman,

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