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About IndiaCollegeSearch
Company:  IndiaCollegeSearch
Website :

Type:  Education Startup
Founded:  2010
IndiaCollegeSearch is  a vertical search engine that focuses on solving the admission seeker’s pain by providing students with detailed college reviews and information about crucial fields such as cut-offs and placement details. The platform allows students to add colleges to their shortlist or apply directly.

Founder & Team
Founder: Anirudh Motwani
He's an alumnus of BITS Pilani Dubai, is co-founder of Gurgaon-based education website IndiaCollegeSearch. He did Bachelor's in B.Tech (Computers)

Co-Founder: Parul Bansal
She did MBA in Finance

Funded By : 
IndiaCollegeSearch raised Rs 2 crore from the angel IAN (India Angel Network)

Addressable Market
Rs.100 Cr per year

Products: College Search Algorithm
Services : Online Search for Good Colleges

7000 Colleges in India

Office Address
IndiaCollegeSearch office Address
1101, Tower B,
Millennium Plaza, Sec-27,
Haryana, India

Contact Info
IndiaCollegeSearch Contact Info
EMAIL     :
PHONE   : 0124-2806363


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