Interview with Vani Kola Serial Entrepreneur

Vani Kola Interview

About Vani Kola
Vani Kola, successful entrepreneur and role model, has returned to India after 22 years in the US, in a new role as venture capitalist with NEA-IndoUS Ventures (NEA-IUV), a Bangalore-based firm co-founded with Vinod K. Dham. She went from India to the US, built companies that were eventually valued at billions, created a great deal of wealth for many and is now back home to do it all over again.

After two decades of a successful career in the US, it took her just two months to decide on returning to India. “More Indians have returned back and plan to return back,” says Kola. “It is motivated by three factors: business opportunity, lifestyle parity and sentimentality.”

According to her, the opportunity goes beyond IT and services. “Every infrastructure sector is growing, consumer consumption is enormous, and the competence to deliver globally and leverage the India factor is huge.”

Watch her Video Interview

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