10 Ways to show your Customers that you care for them

10 Ways to show your Customers that you care for them

Customer care has now gone a long way from the usual hand shake and warm greeting. Real effective customer care is something that people really practice and take much time to develop. And it takes on many different forms, as is seen in most call center outsourcing services providers. In this article, we will be discussing ten ways to show your customers that you care for them.

1. Clear defined ways of receiving feedback. Nothing gets a customer than seeing that there are clearly defined ways of reaching management whenever something noteworthy happens. It's like having a direct line to VIPs. Wouldn't you feel equally important if you were regarded as such?

2. Acknowledgement of feedback. This is a really important to make customers feel important and show them that you care. If you are unable to do anything about what is being raised, a simple acknowledgement would do.

3. Actual changes implemented. To get the most satisfaction from customers and to show then what real customer care is, businesses really need to do this, even if it is painful. Changes are never easy but a business that can tweak and improve will score high in the esteem of most customers.

4. Replies to posts. This is an important venue of extending that TLC to customers. Replying to their comments will most definitely take time. But dousing doubts and drama will be worth it especially in a very public arena such as the ones on Social Media.

5. Liking or re-posting of posts. Being liked or reposted by someone is flattering in itself. Businesses who do this to customers will most likely grab the attention of the customers. This will also make customers see that the business has taken note of them and supports them. Some people will probably find this creepy, but if you want to make a mark in the minds of your customers, you could do this.

6. Incentives. Loyal and consistent customers may be encouraged by incentives. You could have a loyalty card that would give discounts to customers who frequent your business. If the customer has filled up the entire card, they get a free shirt, or a free service, the incentives are unlimited. This will show customers that you value them and their loyalty.

7. Special Treatment. Who doesn't like special treatment? For customers who have been with you since the beginning, special treatment should be extended. Besides, they've been with you longer than some of your employees, don't they deserve it?

8. Personal touch. The personal touch is very encouraging to people and to customers. To know their favorite color, favorite order, or favorite service builds that sense of trust and closeness. That personal touch tells them that they are not just one of the run of the mill clients.

9. Undeniable camaraderie. Treat your customers like family. This undeniable camaraderie will stick in the hearts and minds of people and most likely, they will return with friends and family members who will be your new customers.

10. Extended warmth. This is one thing that most business owners should remember, even if you're not in your shop or in your place of business, people will automatically make that connection to you and your business. So extend that warmth. Go beyond a geographical place of business. If you see a client in the grocery store, say hi. If you see one very loyal customer getting a haircut, go over there and compliment him or her. This will speak volumes to your customer.

Customer care has gone beyond what most businesses have had to put up with in years before. There is now a predetermined and formulated fail safe equation to ensure that customers are happy. But one thing's for sure, even with new methods and new ways to make a customer feel cared for, one equation remains the same, happy customers=good business. 

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