5 tips for Startups to Boost your customer base through Customer Loyalty

5 tips for Startups to Boost your customer base

Starts up companies have a lot of things going for them once the doors open and business starts.  This is because they have the hype and the mysterious "newness" about them that will attract customers making them want to try their new product or service. But what if the attraction has waned? What if the novelty has worn off? What can you do to keep customers lining up? Here in this article, we will be discussing 5 tips in setting up a customer loyalty program in a startup

TIP 1 : Create a clear goal  

It is easy for customers to continue purchasing your product or services if they see an incentive for their patronage. This is where loyalty cards come in. Take for example a nail salon, on the customers 5th and 10th visit, they can get a free massage or French tip manicure. This will encourage customers to keep getting manicures until they get a free massage or manicure. This can easily be done for your other products and in different business models. You are only limited by your imagination. But always point to the end product, point to what they’ll get as the end goal. Customers will only opt to continue purchasing your product if they know what they will get if they do. 

TIP 2 : Define the process by how to get the goal

Having a loyalty card is really a great tool in defining the process. It is clear, it is understandable by the owner and by the customer, and it is easily followed. Discount cards are also very effective. By offering this to customers, discount cards allow customers to have that option of availing your services at a more competitive price than others. Of course, the wise customer will most likely go for the savings and seek the product or service that is at par in quality, but less in cost. 

TIP 3 : Monitor the progress

This is really a good idea for keeping accounts in order and keeping tabs on the number of visits by a particular customer. And sometimes, a customer might lose their loyalty card so they might not be able to get the free service or incentive that they are supposed to get. Getting customer's loyalty should go far and beyond. This extra step will go a long way.

TIP 4 : Replicate the process for other goals

You can keep doing this for any number of services or products for your business. You can even work on products and services that are not getting as much patronage as your other services. This move will keep your customers excited and piqued. They will wait for the next promos and offerings that they can avail and what's more, you are getting sales from a product or service that was not really making any. 

TIP 5 : Celebrate whenever a customer gets to the end goal

Make a big deal out of those customers who have made it to the end goal. Give them special treatment. Announce it to the whole shop. Show them off to the employees and make an example of them to other customers. This will validate your customers' experience and make them want to repeat it time and time again. 

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