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As per the Census 2011 data, India has an IT penetration of 9.5% at a household level. This means that less than 1 in every 10 households owns a computer. In China, the penetration is more than 30%. For India as a country to progress further – it is important for everyone to have better access to computers. It is well documented how the spread of mobile phones has benefited all of us. 

Based on the above facts and a mission to 'Make Computers Affordable to everyone' a young group from alumnus of IIM Calcutta came out with an idea to start RENEWIT.IN under the company Sriram Eco Raksha Computer Services Pvt Ltd. in 2009.  

Renewit.in founder Mukund  has contacted Startuptimes.in (ST) to share  business model and his passion for entrepreneurship. ST had time to listen to Mukunds Story as we are here to encourage young startups from India and we said we are going to support them. 

"Infact every Startup has a Story! and Let Startuptimes.in Tell it ! "

Which would be better? a cheaper new computer which is unbranded (or) a used / refurbished computer which is branded?

When we asked this question? Renewit compared this question to buying new vehicle vs a used vehicle. If someone had a budget of Rs 2-3 lacs they could either buy a new Maruti 800 or a used car like a Honda City. The choice varies from person to person. Renewit.in sells basic computers from Rs. 4,500/- onwards which can be used by Students, Schools or Offices within budget. This is a great opportunity for Startups to setup their infrastructure with low cost model.

Where do your computers come from?

Renewit.in only deals with branded computers – Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo etc. These computers are sourced after the end of lease from large MNC companies. These computers are built for heavy duty large enterprise usage. They can be used for 24/7 without degradation in performance.

Why should I buy a used or a refurbished computer?

Reason 1: Usage: Most of the day to day applications like browsing on the internet, using Tally, email, Microsoft Office etc don’t require the latest or the best technology. You can save money by buying a computer based on your usage.
Reason 2: Budget: Instead of spending your entire budget on buying a new computer, you could buy a refurbished computer which has the same functionality of a new one and then use the additional money for buying other things like software / accessories / peripherals etc.

What about Warranty?

Renewit.in is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company. All the computers are refurbished to provide original performance. Each computer is thoroughly tested; defective parts are replaced, and then re-tested. The BEST computers that pass all our tests are sold. We offer a 30 days warranty which is included in the price of the computers. We also offer extended warranty for one year which is optional and will be charged extra.

Have you been a customer with Renewit.in ? Share your experience with us - use comments area to review.

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