App creators: How to Pitch your app to the right people?

App creators: How to Pitch your app to the right people?

Are you savvy about marketing your app? Is your app getting the recognition it deserves? Do you feel your app being lost in overcrowded app market? App developers it's time you have to think differently to pitch it to the right people. Send your pitch to PRs /Journalists which consists of the following:

What your Pitch should include:

1. Name of Your App

2. What problem does it solve ?

3. Who is your target audience?

4. How is your app different from other Apps in the marketplace?

5. Attach a Press release in the name of your App & showcase App reviews

6. Screenshots of your App

7. Video Demo of your App (YouTube Link)

8. Link to your Product Page

9. Link to your app store product page

10. Contact Information: Email / Twitter / Google+/ Skype/ 

Article by TechTeam StartupTimes

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