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Skill Kindle Founder Tanuj Chaudhary :
It is a community marketplace to list, discover and book classes & experiences.They make it easy for trainers & event organizers to market and manage  real- world sessions online. is an online marketplace where anyone looking to learn or teach a skill can find and offer credible, convenient and affordable real-world classes. You can find wide range of course offerings from Pottery & Clay modelling to Java programming.

Idea of  Skill Kindle :
The idea of SkillKindle germinated in early 2011 in quaint Fontainebleau, a small town in France. Tanuj, who would go on to found SkillKindle in late 2011, had been toying with several ventures that he could build in India and then scale globally. Some of these included a new model for teachers’ training, micro-power units run on waste and a chain of microbreweries specializing in blends!

Tanuj returned to India in July 2011 and founded SkillKindle in August 2011. The first prototype was launched in November 2011 and received a warm response thanks to some fascinating cocktail-mixing, pastry making and photography classes that made their way onto the portal!

Since then, the SkillKindle family has grown – we’ve added much smarter people to our team, partnered with over 500 high quality trainers across Delhi NCR and Mumbai, and have a bunch of advisors from across the globe!

Business Model of SkillKindle:
Online marketplace to teach or learn a skill

Business Opportunity:
To harness Rs. 15,000 crore fragmented market

Founder -
Tanuj Chaudhary

Skillkindle Team:
Amit Kumar - Heads Engineering
Ranita Basu - Heads Corporate Programmes
Advyit Verma - Heads Marketplace development
Soumya Singha Roy - Heads Sales
Veer Bahadur Singh - Heads Operations

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