The Story of Startup - Service Apartments Aggregator in India

Oravel connects homeowners and property managers with travelers who seek the clean, comfy, affordable places or holiday rental homes and aims to build India’s #1 alternative to hotels.

How was born?

Ritesh, the young CEO of has been put up in New Delhi for almost 3 years now. Back in 2011, he used to live in an apartment wherein you have these doors with locks that lock up without a key once you’re outside. Now as you may imagine, being a teenager and having so much to do and think, Ritesh used to often get locked outside his apartment; many a times at night! The only thing he could do now was to check in at hotels to spend the night. What he saw was, a crappy 3 star hotel in Delhi was priced at about $ 160 or 6500 a night. Now, that was insane because he could rather stay at The Westin, San Francisco for $ 90 or 4500 a night! Something was very wrong. He made up his mind to fix up this anomaly and that's when the idea of Oravel was born.

From Traveller to Travel Stay Business Owner

Ritesh is an ardent traveler. When he used to travel to places like Mussourie and Dehradun, he used to stay at private properties rather than hotels. These properties were located in serene locations where you could enjoy the beauty of nature in a completely different manner. Also, they were well maintained, clean, comfy, and nominally priced. What more can a traveler ask for? When he went back, Ritesh used to suggest his family and friends to stay in these properties rather than in hotels. Soon the property owners asked him to accept service charge in return of suggesting their property to people. What happened gradually is in front of us! Today is a marketplace for affordable, clean and comfy rooms around India where you can have a have a lovely stay!

Dream Come True!
As a child Ritesh had a dream that he should have a house everywhere across the world.
One on top of the hills, one at the beach, another one near a waterfall; so on and so forth! With Oravel he has made his dream come true! 

Oravel Team Team

Quotes on Travel

"It is better to travel well than to arrive."  -Buddha

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