Why Startups should get funded by Indian Angel networks?

startups funded by IAN

Because India Angel Networks bring the following:
  • Strong entrepreneurial and operational background of investors
  • Willingness to invest money and time
  • Ability to leverage a vast network
  • Simple term sheet
  • Quick feedback on the investment decision
Indian Angel Network believes that early stage businesses require more than just money to succeed. They require close mentoring and inputs on strategy as well as execution. The Network aims at enhancing the success rate of early stage businesses significantly through high quality mentoring, vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution. The Network enables members, to come together and use their experience and their exceptional set skill to, are better able to assess the potential and identify risks at an early stage.

What is the process for companies to present to Indian Angel Network?
There are two routes for presenting to the Network.
Approaching the Network Members: The primary deal flow for the Network comes through its members. Network members individually assess funding proposals that they may come across. Once a Network member recommends an opportunity to the Indian Angel Network (with no commitment to invest) the opportunity will then be presented at a detailed monthly presentation.
Elevator Pitch: The Secretariat receives several deals from across the country. These plans are either referred for Elevator Pitch meeting by Network Members or may come directly to the Secretariat through the online submission process.

How to apply for Elevator Pitch?
The entrepreneur should provide a brief summary of the business idea / plan in a presentation format comprising 5-7 covering various aspects of the business. The presentation should cover various aspects of the start-up's objective, value proposition, funding requirement, team etc. This presentation provided by the entrepreneur will go through several rounds of iteration at the secretariat to finalize a presentation to the IAN vetting team. Once shortlisted by the vetting team, the entrepreneur is invited to present to IAN members over a detailed presentation.

How and where does an EP happen? Do I need to travel to present?
At an Elevator Pitch, every entrepreneur is given 10 minutes to present their idea through 5 to 7 slides. This presentation could be done on phone or in person. The shortlisted entrepreneurs are then requested to present in a detailed, face to face meetings.

What does Indian Angel Network look for?
  • Apart from the business plan, the Network looks at some key parameters:
  • The Network looks for businesses that have high barriers to entry and considerable growth potential.
  • The quality of the management team is important. A complementary management team that possesses multiple skills such as technology, sales, finance, HR etc. is considered a major asset, with the CEO bringing leadership
  • The Network seeks to add value by providing advice/mentoring and access to its network in addition to money; thus its members are likely to invest in businesses where they have the ability to add such value.
  • Entrepreneurs who can provide evidence of the validation of their concept and particularly those who have begun to engage with the market have a stronger proposition.
  • Failed entrepreneurs are very welcome as the Network members expect a much higher level of ambition to succeed

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