Alok Kejriwal Fundas for GAMING Startups in India

Alok Kejriwal Opinion on Gaming n Startups

Alok Kejriwal knows 'Fun' apart from consumer internet, mobile internet, entertainment and gaming. Alok is the CEO & Co-Founder of Games2Win. He's a Pro Entrepreneur, a Neutral Investor and interested in helping Entrepreneurs. Alok has full faith in what he does and he invested his own money and time in Games2win.  He is a very outspoken guy with clear vision and constructive thoughts.This article brings you Alok's frank opinion on Gaming Industry and Entrepreneurship.

  • The greatest entrepreneurs in the world didn't do a job , they did their hobby as a Job.
  • Passion keeps you going on. The day you run out of your passion or you have a different passion, stop doing what you are doing.
Success & Gaming:
Alok says the success in gaming is very well understood by people with the Angry Birds growth. So everyone wants to tap into this market and be the next Angry bird.

Challenges in Gaming World:
Once people go home they shut their laptop's and  switch on their mobiles or smartphones to get entertained. One part of entertainment is Games but the real challenge is how do people find a game app from the lot, they can't  type the name in the browser unlike PC's. So it's a real mammoth challenge for Gaming companies to address this problem.

App Marketing:
App marketing doesn't mean spending money on advertising. "Your app is your marketing. Your marketing is not your app". Let consumer market your app via viral channels.

Best content comes from Brands. Brands know consumers, and their content,  they don't have to forcefully fit themselves in front of  consumers when they need content. 

Businesses that make people smile and laugh live forever. 
Alok had faith in FUN business model, he believed in this funda and  tasted success in Gaming which provides smiles and laugh.

Angel Investors:
As per Alok "Angel is a nice word which makes capital more friendly. Angels' aren't Angel's they are Draculas". Angel's are the crudest evaluator of your plan. He terms Angel Funding as Kichdi Capital"

Finding Co-Founder: 
There's no formula to find a co-founder. First understand who do you want. You don't need a  techie co-founder they can be bought in  Kilos, all that you need is a DNA xerox.

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