ODISHA 'A New Hope For Technopreneurs'

Technology Business Incubator in Odisha
In the recent past, the state of Odisha has substantially improved its educational infrastructure with an aim to be one of the leading states in the field of education. The state now boasts of a number of Universities including a Central University, Technical Institutions including IIT, IIIT, Medical Colleges, Management Institutions, Basic Science Colleges including the institution of National Importance “NISER” etc. With quality education and corresponding output, the technocrats, researchers and faculty members do often come up with ideas and innovations. Many of such innovations need congenial growth environments for getting converted into commercial businesses. The joy of entrepreneurship is realized through a process chain that demands initial hand holding, mentoring and guidance, besides other soft and hard inputs. There has been little emphasis on these aspects all these years. However, the horizon is gradually looking brighter with advent of “Technology Business Incubator” who are playing a catalytic role in realization of dreams of innovators leveraging certain congenial policy initiatives from Government.

‘Techno-preneurship’ by providing the necessary inputs to innovators
Till very recently and indeed, even today, there are areas where the state is yet to catch up on certain very important aspects and one such aspect is “entrepreneurial culture”. In order to foster development and create employment, it is very important for entrepreneurship to take root. With an objective of promoting ‘Techno-preneurship’ by providing the necessary inputs to innovators, KIIT-Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI) has been involved in the process of development of an entrepreneurial culture in the state through its work with innovators and turn them into entrepreneurs to create successful business ventures. It is working on a mission mode to develop and nurture the entrepreneurs to enable them to establish Small and Medium business enterprises. Established in year 2009, KIIT Technology business Incubator (KIIT- TBI) supported by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board [NSTEDB], Department of Science & Technology, Government of India is the only Technology Business Incubator in the state of Odisha and one amongst the fifty-odd in the country. The Business Incubator endeavors to facilitate economic development by developing and nurturing innovations and enabling the innovator or another entrepreneur to establish commercial enterprises leading to creation of job, rejuvenate communities, commercialize critical new technologies and strengthen local and national economies.

KIIT- Business Incubator
During a very short period of its existence, KIIT-TBI has so far incubated 23 business entities out of which six have graduated out to set up full scale commercial enterprises, all by themselves, having got the wings at the TBI.

About the authorDr. Manisha Acharya@manishabadal
Manisha is a Guest writer for Startuptimes.in . She manages KIIT-TBI and passionate about Startups & Business Incubators in Odisha, India.

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