6 advantages of being entrepreneur

This article is for those who have thought about having their own business, discussed with friends and relatives, (sometimes with investors too) yet somehow find it difficult to cross-over. The intent of this article is to come up with facts that may serve as logical reasoning to combat the small self-doubts which stand in the way of an upcoming entrepreneur!

So you have gone through years of education, got yourself a job, put in a few years with your boss, made money and feel settled. What next? Choices are broadly only two for anyone who wants to be occupied: Either to continue climbing the corporate hierarchy or to START-UP! Each choice has its own pros and cons. The question here is which activity is worthwhile!   

Choosing to be employed with someone else is relatively less laborious since it means clearing a few rounds of interview and being likable on the job. Moreover, you enjoy the liberty of quitting the job when you want which is not the case when it comes to your own business. At hindsight, being employed feels comfortable. But, is it actually so? If it were, you wouldn't have complained or even thought about an alternative career option.

The higher ideals to starting up with one’s own venture are the satisfaction of doing one’s own thing or the feeling of being your own boss and the associated pride of creating employment for others and in-turn impacting the society. 

6 Advantages that come with Entrepreneurship:
  1. Job search ends here.
  2. Long waits for promotions and increased income are no more. One can earn as much as one wants to at whatever age with no age bar to retirement.
  3. “Qualifications” and “experience” are what you learn on the way.
  4. Exponential growth is possible. Fixed salary slabs are no more a constraint.
  5. Relatively less man hours per day as business progresses and stabilizes; contradictory to ever increasing work load and man hours per day with increasing responsibilities at the work-place/employment and enslavement.
  6. Limitless diversifying and de-routing options.
About the authorSrividhya Ishwar@srividhya15
Srividhya is a Guest writer for Startuptimes.in . She's passionate about Startups & Entreprenurship in India.

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