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Logistics plays a very important role in ensuring that all products and outputs reaches to the end of the Supply Chain or Consumers, in a timely and safe manner. However, in reality, every industry has certain products, which are more critical than others. These can be raw materials, finished goods or spares. The criticality can be in sensitivities regarding value, temperature, handling, transit time, nature of the product, confidentiality, life span or even high on emotional quotient.

More than often, the Shipper has not tried to assess differentiated logistics solutions for such items and traditionally these shipments have been transported with the normal bulk cargo. The traditional logistics companies have also never recommended for differential treatment of such critical products, mainly due to lack of differentiated network and handling capabilities; hence such sensitive/critical products had very little logistical choice in the past.

There are quite a few names among the large international logistics companies that have created space in such niche logistics arena. Some has developed secured network to carry precious cargo, some has developed faster delivery capabilities and so on. No such dedicated critical logistics solution existed in India till CriticaLog arrived on the scene.

CriticaLog is a supply chain management company, specialized in providing ‘Critical Logistics’ solution
by collaborating closely with its Customers, in building and operating faster and secure supply chains.
Head Quartered out of Bangalore, CriticaLog’s products and service are tailored to meet critical
logistics requirements within identified industry verticals. CriticaLog offers faster pick up and
distribution operations for Tier I and Tier II cities, by customizing the offering and working closely with
the customers.

• Development of owned, fast and secured India-wide logistics network
• High Service Quality
• Honesty & Trust
• Long Term Relationship
• Overall Cost Optimization
Critical Network Caters To:
• Time Sensitive Shipments
• Gold Jewellery & Bullion
• Temp. Controlled Life-care
• High Value & Non-Replaceable shipments
Attributes of Services:
• Faster Transit
• Customized solutions
• Innovative IT Platform

India-wide Reach 
CriticaLog currently operates from 32 own locations across the country, with
hubs and infrastructure located at all major cities/towns. Through intelligent
milk runs, we are able to reach more than 150 locations directly for secured

Information Technology 
CriticaLog deploys a unique and customer friendly logistics technology platform –‘eCritica’ for true
'end-to-end' visibility and audit trails for accountability. Our system provides shipment details and
activity tracking with pro-active event exception alerts. Apart from the standard features, ‘eCritica’
allows innovative IT Solutions that are vital for critical logistics operations and our esteemed
Customers: -
 Real-time and pro-active shipment status updates and alert notices with email and SMS.
 Multiple tracking identifiers such as Shipper, PO, Goods Receive Notes, IDs, invoices etc.
 ATM like Pin Code verification available for delivery accuracy, acknowledgment and

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Sujoy Guha is a Guest writer for . He is the CEO & MD of and passionate about Startups & Logistics in  India.

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