Looking for a web architect to join my startup

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Looking for a web architect to join my startup. We are a 1 year old team creating a web platform around human capital management and personal development. Other than aspects of social media, we also bring in several serious concepts that help our users extract the maximum economic value out of their personal human capital. 

We are bootstrapped and so far, self funded. We are ready to launch an early version of our platform into the market and are now looking to expand the team, and the features/capabilities we have on offer. I want to bring on a web applications architect to join our leadership team. Should have the following:

  • At least 10 years experience working with in-production web applications and architectures, architecting highly interactive web applications for large user base. (1 million + users)
  • Expert knowledge of best practices in web performance.
  • Experience in multi-DC environments, and disaster recovery planning.
  • Well-versed in distributed computing, big data processing technologies, relational and non-relational data stores, instrumenting for monitoring and metrics, SOA, REST, and event-oriented paradigms.
  • Experience in capacity planning, load testing, developing hardware requirements, and solutions diagrams.
  • Experience writing test-driven code in a variety of languages, having senior level skill- especially PHP and Python
  • Production experience with technologies such as AMQP (RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ), Twitter Storm, Breeze webAPI and Knockout.js framework (or similar), Durandal, Twitter Bootstrap, Solr, and MongoDB.
  • Experience in MVx frameworks – especially MVVM.
  • Experience in working with testing teams to set up test frameworks for manual and automated testing.
  • Experience in developing responsive applications for mobile devices is a plus.
  • Experience with writing applications for video/voice interactions on the web, video streaming and compression, is a plus.

If you can recommend someone for the role, I would greatly appreciate it. Please write to nirmal @ rockonllc.com


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