Indian Coupon startup raises $100K

TAGS: COUPONS , STARTUP, IDEA, WEBSITE, APP, INDIA, PRICEBURP, DEALS, FUNDING, ANGEL, RAISES, Indian Coupon site raises $100K Indian Coupon site raises under $100K  in angel round from Netherlands Angel Investors named Bright ventures. Angel financing has been critical for most Startup companies and Priceburp founder Nirav Dave was succesful in winning the game. He confirmed to that he would spend the funds to expand his business plans efficiently.

What is Startup about?
Priceburp is a coupon based website run by professionals and shoppers who bring together the best, exclusive deals from the internet, specially to help you save more money on your purchases. After conducting extensive, painstaking research and maintaining a constant vigil on all the ecommerce retailers online, we carefully choose and bring you exciting bargains, so that you can shop endlessly from your favourite online shopping destination without going overboard on your expenses!



Electronics, fashion, health & beauty, home & lifestyle and travel

How Priceburp differentiates from the other coupon players in India?
Nirav Dave said, “This business is not an innovation or technology lead. Every other coupon site is either a theme based portal with 50- 100 stores or clone of one another. In such a situation it is important that the consumers get the best possible working coupons and discounts they are looking for once they are on your site. We check our coupons every single day and remove all the expired coupons to ensure our users have an enjoyable shopping experience.”

Stay tuned to to find out "How Nirav Dave secured the funds for his Startup"

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