An entrepreneur is born,not made

An entrepreneur is born,not made


People say "An entrepreneur is born,not made".Our experience is actually a little different.

1) Having multiple mentors
Having multiple mentors is like having a mini consulting firm at your disposal.However one needs to add value to the mentors also.It could be helping with information, time or simply listening to their journey.

2) Seek out new information
It is important to read about different arenas of business.A good place to start could be your business paper or a business magazine in your areas of expertise.

3) Work on your fitness
It is important to be fitter as being a businessperson one has to juggle multiple hats.The fitter one is higher is the level of engagement with life in general and this usually translates to higher business value.

4) Be prepared
An entrepreneur is paid basis his quality of homework.This is the key thing to look at when preparation meets opportunity.Better preparation implies working out possibilities at the Drawing Board.This results in better actualisation of opportunities.

5) Set a schedule
Most of us entrepreneurs believe in working "Any 12 hours of the day".It is not a good habit from a potential maximisation point of view.All of us operate differently.Tasks need to be done in terms of how much we can get done in the least bit of time.
About the authorAnirudh Gupta@AnirudhGupta
Anirudh Gupta is a Guest writer for . He is the CEO at Ashiana Financial Services and passionate about Startups & Entrepreneur Leadership in India.

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