Do I need a co-founder for my startup?

Do I need a cofounder for my startup?

Startup Founders always think that it's good to have a Co-founder after watching or reading some successful startups having co-founders. 

What situations make you feel like having a Co-founder?
As a Startup Founder you hire and deal with smart and intelligent people and they might bring in some problems that they can't solve on their own, in these situation you feel so lonely and feel like having a co-founder who has the ability to buy with somebody and who shares equal footing with you.

Should you partner with a Co-founder for a Complimentary Skillset?
Some founders are not good at making cold calls or talking at conferences or following up on the sales calls. You might like to raise the money and might look for Co-founder who is good at preparing a deck. These situations might compel to hiring a co-founder to compliment the skillset that is not a Founders cup of tea. 

Reasons that cause most fighting between co-founders?
If both the co-founders are too Technical people, neither of them want to do a Press, PR, or pitch for fundraising and spend their time on product building this leads to most fights between co-founders.

What is the chance of success for Co-founder bonding?
If you went to school together or known to each other for good number of years and know each others strengths and weakness the greater is the chance of success.

If you haven't known a person for a year or two and haven't worked with him before be prepared not to choose them as your Co-founders. You cannot decide a co-founder just having few like minded conversations over a coffee table.

Article by Team Startuptimes - inspired from Jason's speech

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