Start-up Incubators who made it BIG


Two startup incubators who backed up young and new startups are Y-Combinator and Tech Stars. These two companies are popular worldwide and many non US startups wish that they have these kind of accelerator programs in their countries. Their accelerator programs set a benchmark in Startup circles and are considered best Incubators.

The Silicon Valley-based paradise for coders with an entrepreneurial streak hosts teams in two rotations from January to March and from June to August of each year. Since 2005, Y-Combinator has set the standard for technology incubators. Y-Combinator invests about $18,000 per company for the session, and asks an equity stake that averages about 6 percent. Roughly 500 companies have received funding to date.

Incubator: Y-Combinator
Founder: Paul Graham
Started : 2005
Business: Incubator & Accelerator
Companies Funded: 500
Stake: Takes 6% of the company's equity
Markets Invested: 30 different markets

Companies Funded by Y-Combinator who made it BIG

How much does Y- Combinator Funds for new Startups?
$14,000 for startups with one founder
$17,000 for startups with two founders
$20,000 for those with three or more founders

TechStars is one of the country's most prestigious incubators. Its four locations in Boston, Boulder, New York City, and Seattle, host 10 teams for three months of the year on rotation, funding each team member between $6,000 and $18,000. More than 600 teams applied last year, making TechStars one of the country's most competitive incubators. TechStars focuses on technology companies with transnational appeal, and requires a 6 percent equity stake in any new companies that are funded. Each program ends with a pitch event with venture capitalists and other investors.
Incubator: TechStars
Founder:  David Cohen, Brad Feld, David Brown, & Jared Polis
Started : 2006
Initially Funded: 10 Companies
Business: Incubator & Accelerator
Companies Funded: 228  [78% active]
Failed: 30 Companies
Stake: Takes 6% of the company's equity
Markets Invested: Mostly Tech markets

Companies Funded by TechStars who made it BIG
Digital Oceans
Vanilla forums
Fraud Bot

How much does TechStars Funds for new Startups?
$14,000 for startups with one founder
$17,000 for startups with two founders
$18,000 in seed funding and an optional $100K convertible debt note

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