STARTUP IDEA Infobar Search Results based on user’s search query

So the idea is that as a website owner/publisher, you would put a JS script on your website. Any users that come to your website from a Google/Yahoo/Bing search, …your website has the ability to see what keywords the user searched on in Google (for example) to then come to your webpage. For example, if you search Google for ‘make money on twitter‘, my webpage will come up as the 4th result (as of today). When a user clicks that, Google redirects the user to my webpage. My webpage sees that user coming from Google and Google passes that search query of ‘make money on twitter’ to my webpage.

Thus, my webpage could try to make some money off this user by displaying other relevant ads related to what their intent was: ‘make money on twitter’. You could just hookup with Google Adsense and they’ll show relevant ads [as they do if you have Adsense on your webpage], but you could also simply have links out to eBay, or, etc, that use that search query of ‘make money on twitter’. Thus, you could have a link that says ‘Find make money on twitter auctions on eBay’ and ‘Find make money on twitter books on’. These links would be affiliate links.

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