Common mistakes Start-ups make on LinkedIn

Common mistakes Start-ups make on LinkedIn

There are 225 million users on LinkedIn, AND 99% start-ups use it to promote themselves and their products. But how many of us are aware about the common mistakes we make on LinkedIn, that hamper our success.
I've listed down a few LinkedIn Etiquette, that one should take care of:
  • Check for typos or grammatical errors in your profile. These wear down your credibility.
  • Don’t forget to add a good/professional profile photo. But make sure it is not a selfie/an old pic of yours/you with someone else.
  • Make sure your Headline highlight your selling points and attract profile visitors.
  • There is a Personal url for every account on LinkedIn (Have you ever noticed a long web address). It’s time to customize url to a more personal one- your name/business name. You can use it in your business card/resume.
  • Do you know Summary is the most crucial part in the profile. LinkedIn has given you an opportunity to write about yourself in 2000 characters. LinkedIn Summary is the first thing employers look for once they glance through photo and headline.
  • Use Sections for filling up your Work Experience, Education, Certification, Publications, and Volunteering etc. Doing this can help the recruiter to read your specific section not the entire profile.
  • You can select your Skills from the drop-down list of most common matching terms that LinkedIn recognizes. But if it is something which is not a frequent search item, LinkedIn can’t help.
  • Please don’t lie on your LinkedIn Profile or plagiarize the LinkedIn Profile, be genuine. You can be caught easily. I have seen profiles where people have just copy pasted the content from another profile.
  • Send LinkedIn invite (a personalized one) to only those people who you know. If you are sending an invite to someone you don’t know, be polite and let them know the reason you would like to connect.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that the profile is 100% complete. The only way to get the full benefit of the network. If your profile is not complete, recruiters will find it hard to find you on LinkedIn.
Make sure you put your best feet forward, by paying attention to these basic points.
About the authorPallavi Pande@PallaviPande
Pallavi Pande is a Guest writer for . She is a Career Coach and an expert in Resumes & Profiles. Pallavi blogs  about Startups & and Socialmedia .

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