How does Google know who you are and what your interests are?

How does Google know who you are and what your interests are?


That’s the beautify of Google, and may be a more accurate representation of what Google “is”. You see, they don’t just sell ads, they also match them up with the viewers — by figuring out who you are.

They way they know who you are and match ads to you is Google’s “secret sauce”.


Google looks at your surfing habits by offering Google Analytics and Google Adsense to webmasters and content providers. These two bits of code on various pages help build a profile of what your interests are based on what sites you’re browsing. But not all websites run either of these.

To capture those viewers Google offeres their own web browser (Chrome) with an integrated search bar and address bar in one. Google even offers DNS services — servers that resolve computer names ( into it’s computer address (the IP address). By letting geeks use Google’s DNS and web browser, Google can see where people are going without the resulting site using any of Google’s services. Those geeks get faster DNS resolution times and faster web surfing, and Google gets the data.

But surfing isn’t everything. Searching for stuff on the web is becoming more and more relevant to good, old fashioned reselling. Before you go out and buy that big-ticket item, you want to find out if it’s a good buy. You search for reviews, you search for opinions, and ultimately you search for prices. At that point why not buy right now, online, and have it delivered tomorrow? Ta-da! Google works! Both for you (the researcher turned buyer) and the advertiser (turned seller). Google got their cut along the way (for selling the ad, and by learning more about you on the way).

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