Swachh Bharat Mobile App Startup in Proof of Concept Stage

Mahek Swachh Bharat Mobile App Startup Founder

STARTUP NAMESwachh Bharat Mobile App
WEBSITE NAMEwww.swachhbharatapp.com
STARTUP TYPETechnology Startup
FUNDED BYBootstrapped
ABOUT COMPANYस्वच्छता आंदोलन
App site: http://www.swachhbharatapp.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/swachhbharatapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swachhbharatapp
G+ page: https://plus.google.com/+SwachhBharatMission/
App Flyer: http://goo.gl/abGUiA
AppSourceCode: http://goo.gl/BN7R00
"Let the Swachhata flow"
Mobile governance enthusiast worked with similar minded people to develop an simplistic & effective android app to "Map" India's dirty places.
Why map 'dirty places' ?
Mapping is the first step in documenting the problem and understanding the scale at which we need to work to achieve 2019 Swachh Bharat. Reporting with GPS & timestamp helps in locating the issue accurately for municipal corporations.
Why "Twitter"?
You can mention @pmoindia sweetly and the short message is also simple & direct - the picture of the dirty / unhygienic / broken down place will do the talking for itself!
Why no "gallery upload"?
Bcoz we don't want to waste time on people who upload photoshopped images to clog our servers!
Indian municipalities are extremely 'resource-starved' and largely 'under-appreciated' institutions of the world. Most of the times, the problem with places remaining dirty is not because municipalities don't clean them, its because they do not know of the issues! Short on man-power and lack of use of modern technology contributes to this inefficiency rather than their will.
We @swachhbharatapp - aim to build "Maps" of Dirty/unhygienic areas around the country. Building maps is the first step towards identifying the problem in detail. Sample map is available on our site:www.swachhbharatapp.com
Building maps with images directly means we understand the magnitude of the problem on a micro level. These maps also will help municipalities pin-point pain areas reported by people and take timely action! Thats why we call them Crowd-sourced reports - by the people, for the people.
Also, when you tweet - the pic, active location and timestamp - all are tweeted mentioning @pmoindia official handle. So PMO actually has a copy of the problem with tag - That is considered as a complaint to PMO in itself.
This app is in reply to a larger Clean India Movement, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, from a team of Indians to the whole of India. The Indian government's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aims to cover 1.04 crore households as part of the campaign and provide 2.5 lakh community toilets, 2.6 lakh public toilets, and a solid waste management facility in each town.
In the first version, any person will be able to:
1. Log in to the app with an existing twitter account (if you don't have one, please signup for twitter)
2. Authorize app for permissions to tweet a post for you.
3. VIEW maps generated for crowd sourced tweet reports!
4. Get notifications (managed by Parse Integration - Analytics & Notification management tool)
The app needs:
1. active location information,
2. twitter screen name and
3. ability to take & save pictures from camera app.
Using the app:
Step 1: Log in and select appropriate location tag
Step 2: Click a picture (medium resolution recommended).
Step 3: Tweet a pre-configured message as report of place to PMO India.
"Please fix this at [GPS/map url] #swachhbharat @pmoindia. Reported via @swachhbharatapp TAG [eg: Hospital] "
We save tweet data to generate custom maps of dirty areas shown by different entries.We do not ask for any other information other than your twitter screen name. Most permissions are required by Parse Notification system. If there are any issues or you have some cool suggestions for app, drop an message on FB page ! Please read FAQ section on website before jumping to questions!
and remember, the success of this idea solely relies on people's participation !!
@mahekmshah, @swachhbharatapp
BOARD OF DIRECTORS (OR) KEY TEAM INFOMahek M Shah - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahekmshah
RECENT MILESTONES1000+ Reporters, 70+ Reports
PRODUCTS/SERVICESApp to report dirty / unhygienic places in India
OFFICE ADDRESS4-3-440/441, Bank Street, Hyderabad 500001

COMPANY E-MAILswachhbharatapp@gmail.com
LINKEDIN PROFILE- FOUNDERhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mahekmshah
COMPANY FACEBOOK PAGEhttp://facebook.com/swachhbharatapp
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