The Story behind the name "mailchimp" reveals Ben Chestnut Co-founder and CEO

One of the most important and difficult parts of launching a startup is choosing the right business name. For startups, the name of the business becomes the first word of every investor pitch and the first message that’s spread to potential users.

Short Intro about Mailchimp:
MailChimp helps you email the right people at the right time. MailChimp is a well known freemium email marketing service. Ben Chestnut Co-founder and CEO of Mailchimp shares the days of naming his Startup.

The Story behind the name "mailchimp"

The Story behind Naming a Startup
Ben Chestnut said "The big, bloated email software back in 2001 required you to manually code your tracker links, your HTML emails, and all kinds of things. We thought it was silly to force users to do a bunch of repetitive coding that a monkey could do for you. We also had this philosophy when it came to our web design projects: “If all else fails, add a monkey. Clients love monkeys.” So we called it ChimpMail. Then we learned the domain was taken. So we called it MailChimp. One day, a customer asked us for our mascot’s name, so we came up with the most ridiculous one we could think of: Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV (aka “Freddie”). It’s amazing when I look back at Freddie’s history. We really didn’t spend that much time fostering his image or brand or anything. It was our customers and employees who brought him to life and gave him his personality."

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