Arun jaitley hides under Processes & treaties to expose Black Money List Oct 25, 2014

Arun Jaitley black money list

The government has already disclosed the names to the Supreme court as per German/ Swiss treaty guidelines and will be disclosed later to the public. However this topic sparks lot's of conversation on media and among aam aadmi [coommon man] .

Arun jaitley says "we will disclose it as per the due process of law". But the aam aadmi is saying Arun jaitley  and BJP government is trying to hide in the name of procedures, processes and violations.   The common man also questions BJP  - haven't they studied these treaties before taking a stand in 2014 elections and making it rhetoric.

Black money Disclosure of names will embarrass Congress, Arun Jaitley says " now isn't this statement violating the treaties as they hint congress party.

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