How does one retain a customer in a competitive market?

How does one retain a customer in a competitive market?

The industry is played by thin margins as the product that one retailer sells is available next door or online with better deals. How to maintain customer loyalty in today's scenario? Repeat purchase might happen once in a year. The only way to retain a customer is to implement Customer Loyalty programs by addressing all paint points of the customer.

For example: When a customer buys a Smart Phone the first thing he looks for is to transfer his phone contacts, apps, pics etc.,  from old mobile phone to the new. But hardly very few people can do it on their own and will look for help. It's really a big challenge to use the new handset immediately. If the mobile retailer solves this problem  when a customer walks in to the store by transferring his data to the new phone, that customer turns out to be a potential loyal customer for future purchases. This is a better loyalty program compared to a rewards points program.

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