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Mywash is a Bangalore-based online on-demand laundry service currently operating in and around Koramangala. The startup sends its delivery boys to pick up clothes, gets them washed and sends it back in a brief period of two days time. Its services are giving customers easy and convenient option to manage their laundry chores. The team has been running operations for the past 25 days and has successfully completed 260+ orders. is the first online laundry service & online dry washing service in India. They do your laundry and dry cleaning and deliver at just the tap of a button. is simply the UBER for laundry & dry cleaning in India. They provide laundry and dry cleaning services on-demand. picks up your dirty laundry and dry cleaning, and returns them clean, ironed, and folded within about a day.

How to use service?
Through MyWash app you can place an order on your phone or tablet, including pickup and drop-off time scheduling. A MyWash agent will arrive at the time you scheduled to pick up your laundry and dry cleaning, and within 48 hours your clothes are delivered in reusable non-plastic bags, washed and folded. is the online laundry service, online dhobi, awesome laundry service, one-stop laundry center, laundry app, dry cleaning service, laundry & dry cleaning service, you have been waiting for. They are currently providing their online laundry & dry cleaning service in entire Bangalore.

Founder of
Raghu Bharat

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