Seeing a missed opportunity - A Startup Story

Seeing a missed opportunity - A Startup Story

In the early 1980s, Robert P. Stiller moved to Vermont to enjoy himself. He had just sold his rolling paper company for millions. Staying active, Stiller spent his mornings down at the local coffee shop in Waterbury.

One morning, Stiller walked in and found that his little local coffee shop was going out of business.

What happened? Stiller asked. The owner said that they just couldn’t make it anymore. Expenses were too high, receipts too low.

Then the owner said something interesting: I know how we could make it, though.”

Stiller asked how. “If we could afford a coffee roaster, we would really be different. No one on the East coast has a coffee roaster.”

How much is a coffee roaster? Stiller asked.

“Too much,” said the owner.

How much?

“Five thousand dollars!” the owner shook his head.

Stiller made a deal where he would supply the $5,000 and own the majority of the company. The coffee shop owner would take care of roasting the beans.

And so Green Mountain Coffee was born. Today, the company owns Keurig, Caribou, Swiss Miss, Celestial Seasonings, Kahlua, Wolfgang Puck, Snapple, and many other brands.

Knowing when to seize the moment means a lot when starting a new venture.

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