The Natural Grip Pitch - Shark Tank - Why did Robert Invest in this Product? Nov 8, 2014

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Pitch : The Natural Grip in Shark Tanks
Ashley the founder of  The natural grip was Seeking a $100, 000 for a 20% equity from SHARKS of the Shark Tank

Founder of The Natural Grip
Ashley Drake

Pitch Sold to Sharks

People ripping their hands during work outs.

The natural grip stops the pain and doesn't keep you away from gym.

Natural Grip for hand protection to fitness enthusiast worldwide.

Fitness Product /Cross-Fit

Target Audience
Cross Fitters, Power Lifters, Motorcyclists, Olympic Lifters

Natural Grips are made from a thin but durable Zinc Oxide, 100% cotton tape

Pending "Invention is custom"

Only custom handgrip in the market. Only reusable tape grip

$178,000 before Pitch

Cost to make Natural Grip:
$4.43c per unit

Cost to Distributors

Cost to Consumer

Profit per unit Sale
About the Company: 
The Natural Grip is a company that is owned by an Active duty officer and her husband in Louisville, KY. Together they have developed an innovative fitness product that has changed the hand protection industry. The Natural Grip is providing a comfortable and custom option for hand protection to fitness enthusiast worldwide. The Natural Grip has made it their business to protect your hands while working out.

Why the other Grips doesn't work better than The Natural Grip?
When the Shark, Robert asked this question to Ashley Drake, this is how she answered "The other grips are made of leather, nylon and they are bulky which will hinder the performance"

Why does The Natural Grip need money from Sharks?
To build inventory to fill demand and to manufacture the product more efficiently

Why the QVC queen Lori Greiner was out from "The Natural Grip Pitch" ?
Lori dropped out from The Natural Grip  offer as she likes to invest in the product that she's passionate about.

Why Mark Cuban was out from "The Natural Grip Pitch" ?
Initially he showed interest if Robert and Daymond partner with him but when the two sharks turned down the offer Mark stepped out of the deal.

Why Kevin dropped out from Ashley's Offer?
Kevin O'Leary was out from the pitch as he felt it was hell burn of initiatives.

Why did daymond dropped from The Natural Grip Offer?
Initially Daymond showed interest in the Pitch as he's been in the manufacturing industry and knows the insights of similar products but he lost his offer to his fellow Shark as Ashley felt that Robert would help her position the company well.

Why did Robert Invest $125,000 for 25 percent stake in The Natural Grip?
Robert is the Sporty Shark in the tank and beyond that he always invested in business that had a great Operator and Ashley Grey of The Natural Grip fits his bill.

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