For an entrepreneur failure means experience. There are significant takeaways from both success and failures. Do you want to know why some ideas survive and some lie in the dead pool? Then you must read these top 5 books on Startups.

Mastering the VC Game by Jeffrey Bussgang
There are so many guidelines for starting up a business. But what about the investment part? Finding the right VC is no less than a challenge. Lets suppose you do have a backup for your startup, but what if it turns out to be a dictator? Usually entrepreneurs prefer to have the VCs as their partners, not a dictator. Jeffrey Bussgang offers you answers to all these questions and much more. He presents colorful stories, useful insights and rational advises and suggestions from his own experiences as well as various interviews he had with some of the successful entrepreneurs and VCs. “Mastering the VC Game” actually prepares you to be the showstopper, arrange a perfect pitch for your startup and propose a partnership that will appeal the VC as well as work wonders for your startup!

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
In 2011, Eric Ries unveiled a new methodology to develop business and products with this amazing book. The concept of Lean Startup was born at Silicon Valley, and it goes back to 2008 high-tech companies. Today, almost every startup is a home to this concept. With his experiences in working with many US startups, Ries claim that adopting this methodology can severely cut down the cost of lavish product launching. The idea has its root in the concept of “Lean Manufacturing”. Ries talks about “validated Learning”, fast and smart working that can reduce the product-development phase, and understand the needs of the company’s target audience. “Lean Startup” is a methodology where a small team works smartly, changing and making new plans every minute. If you are planning to start up or already started up, this book is a must read! It is a hand-on guide for all entrepreneurs to plan, adapt and adjust before the alert clock starts ticking!

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
Monotonous life is no less than being a zombie. Chris Guillebeau talks about living a life that has adventure, meaning and a purpose. To add to these, a good earning. That’s when you know you are alive! Chris is not a “one job” person. This man, in his early thirties, is about to tick off all the countries on this earth as “visited”. He is a genius who has turned every idea of his into income. In this book, Chris presents 50 most interesting case studies from a list of 1,500 individuals having built a business of $50,000 or more (mostly with an investment of $100 or less). He met these wonderful people while traveling across the globe. He talks about how people with no special talents identified their passion and had the courage to monetize it. They took the effort to restructure their lives according to their own will. “The $100 Startup” talks about realizing your talents, understanding the value that it will incur from the market and ways to do so. There are no abstract numbers. With exact numbers, Chris talks about his choicest entrepreneurs, their investment figures, what and how they managed to bring in cash in the first weeks and months. Along with the success stories, he mentions what mistakes they made and the impact it had on their business. An MBA degree is not vital for starting up a business. It’s your talent and strategies to market the same. Guillebeau highlights many principles like: if you are good at something, you are probably good at something else; never teach a man to fish- sell the fish instead; in the battle between planning and action, action wins. Long gone are the days of magic lamps and genies. Today we need to change our lives if we are not happy with it. Whenever you start off to make it big in the entrepreneurial field, this book is a faithful companion!

The Founder's Dilemmas by Noam Wasserman
Starting up can never be easy and smooth. A lot of decision making happens to steer the company in the right direction. The burden of making the final decision lies on the entrepreneur. This book records a number of important decisions an entrepreneur need to make in various phases of starting up. It will encourage you as an entrepreneur to ponder over what gives you the motivation to move ahead with your idea and helps you make the right choice at every point of indecisiveness. The book compiles stories and statistics about other startups. It is not just for those who have not yet taken a decision but offers a validation to the decisions already taken. You can call it an examiner checking your decision-answer paper! Everyone will advice to start off with a co-founder. Here’s the Founder’s Dilemmas that will give you the right reasons and arguments as to why a solo founder for a startup is its key to success. Read before you start up, read when starting off, and read when your startup goes through various transitions.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Rita Gunther McGrath 
There is nothing which can be defined as “static” except for ‘uncertainty. This book gives a practical approach to be prepared to face the uncertainties in this fast paced world. Rita Gunther McGrath talks about being self independent when it comes to your startup. There is no place for the old rules and old ways of thinking. It s a new age and requires a new approach altogether. So, author Rita asks you to put on your self designed thinking cap and make your own rules emphasizing and enhancing your competence! You cannot do anything with the sudden changes that happen around you. This book show how to make every situation be in your favor- Instead of getting paralyzed with the emerging uncertainties, you need to be focused and confident about what you want to accomplish. It is always good to look out for tomorrow’s scopes than curbing to the present difficulties. “The Entrepreneurial Mindset” seeks to encourage to create a company profile that will stand out, forget the past, put all plans into actions, pace up with the speed without any undue risk, and be the founder of your own “entrepreneurial mindset”!

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