DICCI - A FICCI & CII for Dalits in India

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There are a host of business organisations representing Indian businesses, like FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, and now DICCI joins the league. The idea of DICCI is to represent the voice of Dalit entrepreneurs in India. The idea of DICCI was founded by Milind Kamble an independent entrepreneur from Pune. The core goal iof DICCI is to advance the business interests of their fellow Dalit members.

"In my own thought basket, I saw Indian business houses strong enough to influence political leaders, Government policies and guard their own individual interests.Things are complex and not as simple as I thought them to be. To magnify the power of influence, a collection of individuals into an organization is a better way than individually addressing the issues. India Inc, I thought was on the right path by setting up their own business bodies. " says Milind.

Why Dalits in India need DICCI?
If the mainstream Indian businesses need business organisations, why should not Dalits have their own business bodies? But the question is: Why shouldn’t Dalit businesses too become part of bodies such as FICCI, CII, and ASSOCHAM? Sounds good, but the answer to the question as to why Dalits should have their own business body like DICCI lies somewhere else. Let us take the case of the US and its Black-owned businesses.

As the hub of global capitalism, the US is home to the world’s biggest business organisations. Yet, the Blacks had to create their own business bodies. As early as 1900, the National Negro Business League had come into being. Still in operation and renamed in 1966 as the National Business League, the organisation is a platform of Blacks’ business renaissance. It is interesting to note that the Negro Business League predates the United States Chambers of Commerce by 12 years. This thriller movie like situation — of the Blacks forming a business body before the Whites — did deserves a separate column. With a 100,000 members, the National Black Chamber of Commerce is the premier Blacks’ run business body. Do a Web search, and one will find hundreds of Black business associations. Almost in every city, each State, and in each area, there are a number of Black trade and business bodies. In fact, there is a Black Bankers Association as well. Trying searching Black manufacturers, and there will be endless results — Black Automobile Manufacturer Association, Black Apparel Manufacture Association, Black Builders Association, to name a few.


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