Auto rickshaws in India will soon be a history, yes what you read will be true in few years. It's a unique move in the Indian transportation industry. You might get a question what would be replacing Auto? the answer to this is Tata NANO car.   To give you an idea, there's a startup named "TAXI for Sure who says you have to pay only Rs 75 to travel 7 kms in the air-conditioned Tata Nano, whereas an auto will cost you Rs 90 for the same distance. Besides that, Nano is a 4+1 seater while an auto is 3+1. But the real battle is definitely going to be on the grounds of ease of access to the conveyance."

What happens to Auto drivers in India? 
With low down payment and EMIs on NANO ownership, all the auto rickshaw drivers will plan to own a  Nano and partner with companies like OLA & TAXI for SURE. Since Tata Nano is perfectly suited for city travel with its small footprint and zippy commute. This leads to a higher number of trips/day and hence more earnings for a driver partner.

With technology revolution in India business models are making a paradigm shift and Startups are focusing on "what people need and not what people want or ask for"


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