How to pitch a busy investor?

How to pitch a busy investor?

The best ways to get a busy investors attention in recent times has changed, infact these new methods have replaced the "Power Lunches" too. Busy VC's doesn't give you time to meet over a quick lunch, then how do you get their time? Here's some tips that's worth giving a shot.

1. Coffee shops 
Chatting over a coffee or tea might be the best equivalent to the shoulder-to-shoulder experience of an old-school power lunch. Invite a busy investor to a Coffee place and  Pitch your thoughts

2. Walk and Talk
Morning times are the best times to catch hold a busy investor, share your pitch while walking or jogging without wasting his time.

3. Smart Email 
Short and smart email with a very specific question still works to get the busy investors attention. Emails sent at 8.AM doesn't get lost in the email jail.

4. Tweet a Pitch
141 characters pitch to a Investors Tweet handle is an effective method to grab attention.

5. Whatsapp Pitch
The best way to get a quick response is through a  WhatsApp message.


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