Facebook for farmers : "FARMILY" a startup addressing Farmers problems

Facebook for farmers : "FARMILY" a startup addressing Farmers problems

Farmily.com  is redefining the way the world produces, distributes and consumes food starting with India. Farmily is connecting the farming ecosystem to new markets.

"Farmily" a facebook for farmers works to empower farmers by ‘cultivating connections between farmers and buyers, farmers and other farmers, farmers and the ecosystem.’ Farmily creates this digital presence through a Microwebsite for the farmer where he can showcase his farm, his capabilities and his produce.

Karthik an IT pro says Farmily enables Buyers  to put up a demand for produce on the platform. Farmers can respond to the demand and are able to negotiate online and conclude deals online. Farmers can also put up their produce for sale and entertain bids from buyers for price discovery. Once deal is done, Farmily activates the ecosystem to leverage the transaction like finance, logistics etc. All is done in the language the farmer is used to and on his mobile phone.


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