How to be a Successful Teenage Entrepreneur ?

How to be a Successful Teenage Entrepreneur ?

Lot of teenagers are frustrated with current job economy. You want to make a difference! You want to be independent, you want to do your own things and make a lot of money. The way to do that isn't to work at large companies.

Here are some tips by Evan Carmichael for teenagers based on his success as a teenage entrepreneur.

There's never been more role models for young people not to be successful entrepreneurs. Research the stories of people who are making it and surround yourself with excellence and success from young people who are doing great things. They not only give you ideas and strategies but also keep you motivated. Create an environment of success and surround with role models of people who you want to be like.

A lot of challenge for young people is  you don't have enough experience. Go get some experience! whether you work for somebody part-time, do volunteering at some events, help some startups, being mentored by somebody. You should work in industries that gives you knowledge and experience that you are interested in to start your own. Learn . Get experience. Get better.

You got to do something everyday to move your business idea forward. As a teenager you might find difficult to get to time to do your business as you have to go to college, friends, do some extra curricular activities. There's a lot's of demand on your time but you have to find a way  to do something every single day to move your business forward. You have an exam tomorrow but still you have to dedicate one hour on your business ideas to take off.

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