Startup Story of Online Grocery Store - Acha Rate

Startup Story of Online Grocery Store - Acha Rate

The advent of on demand delivery as required by consumers is marking the golden era of online grocery market. is scaling to new heights with a business and delivery model of “Here and Now - the way India Shops” .

Surprises never seems to stop as in the ever changing dynamics of the online grocery market, once again comes up with an cutting-edge idea of deliveries within a very short span of time in getting consumer’s needs in a flash.

When a user has so many options in choosing the right site to shop for their daily needs, the limitation comes when it’s the need of the hour thing. promises all their users’ delivery in 10 to 30 minutes flat for all the items listed in their site which will revolutionize the online grocery industry. A new and very innovative model of delivery is adopted by AchaRate in making this dream a wonderful reality. a 1.9 year old has rolled out in Hyderabad- “Here & Now” concept with the objective of  fulfilling the last mile – ‘Arm Stretch Purchases’ of the consumers. Getting a customer in today’s dynamic ever-changing tastes is not an easy task let alone the pain taken to retain them. Acharate has been a huge hit with the grocery onliners. They would not be boasting if they claim to have revolutionized and started the golden era of e-Shopping. It’s an outstanding fact of their uniqueness from the players starting from a varied cluster of products with most lucrative and eye bulging schemes and discount offers. Swift and desired delivery and many other time saving options, their unique marketing and distribution strategies.

The secret behind Acharate’s rising popularity lies in its identification of certain factors of the region
which it effectively converted into its advantage; the factors being: long distances, inefficient transport connectivity and traffic woes. effectively turned these factors to its advantages by providing its customers groceries and home-needs without them having to move even their legs a workforce dedicated to the job at hand and that takes pride in its work is an asset to the organisation. We, Acharatians, are a blend of maturity and expertise with the vibrancy of youth. is on the verge of becoming an e-Commerce leader, which will redefine the online shopping trends, combining the virtues of technology and traditional trade. With each day, AchaRate is increasing its reach and steadily winning a stream of customers who find it an effective solution for their grocery buying problems. Let’s curb our enthusiasm for a little longer and watch ARC unwind their designs

IN COLLABORATION WITH THE BRANDED LOCAL VENDORS TO RENDER A MASTER PIECE SRVICE TO ITS ESTEEMED CONSUMERS…ARC…  RECEIVE ANY ESSENTIAL COMMODITY AT THE STRETCH OF YOUR HAND…seems to be unbelievable but it is scientifically viable. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE, SHARE WITH US. In this world of computers and progressing technology…nothing seems to be impossible, day to days every essential commodity irrespective of distance, is made to be within the reach that too in minutes time…at consumers door step.

The highly busy society of today hardly can afford time to go in for purchases to super-bazaar and grocery stores and the same time they (consumers) cannot compromise with the requirement. The hectic job schedule, to & fro traveling to reach back home, congested traffic roads and heavy polluted surroundings, lack of comfortable public transport system and in case own conveyance is used, then the traffic congestion and burning of fuel at rapid speed and many more such unpleasant developments. All these issues make a person half-dead by the time he/she reaches destination. And say after a little bit of  relaxation when the kitchen king/queen learns about the shortfall/requirement of any essential grocery item then the person is totally out of his/her mind….And before the person looses his/her cool ARC is at your command .


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