Why do some people succeed when so many others fail ?

Why do some people succeed when so many others fail ?

You are putting so much pressure on yourself: pressure to succeed, pressure not to make mistakes, pressure not to give up, pressure to be financially stable, pressure to be independent and pressure to make your mother proud. It’s not surprising that you’re finding it tough. The weight of all of those expectations is emotionally crushing you.

You need to stop focusing on how you can make your business a success and focus instead on how your business can make a difference to others. Look for an unmet need or a service you can provide better.

The best businesses are started by passionate people who want to create and build something that makes the world better because the business exists. That impact can be limited to your local community — or you can try to change the world.

Successful people say their satisfaction comes from working every day to reach those goals. Most importantly, successful people understand that none of us is guaranteed a final outcome, so taking the journey ,making it as meaningful and compelling and joyful as possible  is the ultimate reward.

Success happens through the application of sound principles and purposeful actions. Here are some tips.

Set realistic objectives 
Goals give you purpose and direction to achieve the things you want to do in life. We achieve our most positive states of mind when we are striving towards some meaningful goal.
Make worthwhile plans 
Without plans, goals will never be achieved and you will drift aimlessly through life without achieving anything worthwhile. You will need more than good intentions, wishful thinking and vague commitments to achieve the things you want in life. Goals must be supported by concrete plans in all the important areas of your life including finance, career, relationships and retirement.

Good interpersonal relationships
Successful people are good communicators and know the vital importance of developing active listening skills. Developing and practising empathy skills will increase your sensitivity and popularity with others. Networking will help you develop social skills and useful contacts.

Have confidence and self-belief
To be successful and more confident you must move out of your comfort zone, do something different and take some risks. Those with internal control believe that they are in charge of their lives and can influence the direction it takes. Confidence can be acquired like any other skill if you practise confidence building skills. Self-belief and confidence are interlinked as strong self-belief is an essential ingredient of confidence.

Be optimistic
Optimists are hopeful and positive about the future. They are positive thinkers seeing opportunities and adopting challenges where others see problems. Because optimists think optimistic thoughts their positive expectations increase their motivation and effort to achieve. They are more likely to persist when others give up and so are more likely to succeed and overcome setbacks.

Be persistent and resilient
Many people are on the threshold of success when they quit. We all know that quitters are not winners. Persistence, patience and passion are the hallmark of success.
Resilient people are successful because they have the facility to pick themselves up from failure and start all over again. Those without resilience become hopeless and helpless, adopt a victim attitude, become despondent or plunge into depression.

Remain highly motivated
Motivation is more important than ability in determining success. Motivated people are purposeful and passionate about their lives as they realise that life is not a dress rehearsal, that they only pass through it once, and that they must make the best of it. The key factors of motivation are courage, purpose, enthusiasm and energy.

Develop the habit of lifelong learning and continuous improvement
Lifelong learners are motivated and self-actualised by a love of learning and a natural curiosity. If you don’t change throughout your life you will stagnate and your skills will become peripheral or outdated. Lifelong learners adapt to change enabling them to improve, prosper and grow. Continuous improvement by updating your skills and knowledge will help you become the best you can be and is necessary to survive and thrive in a competitive world.

Practice good personal values
People with integrity inspire confidence in others because they are trustworthy, tell the truth and keep their promises. Some people with exceptional talent and potential have gone from hero to zero because of a lack of guiding values, principles and self-discipline to keep them on the straight and narrow. Adopting a code of personal values will help you live a meaningful and successful life.

Source extract from Samuel Malone’s new book


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