How To Get Your Point Across In 30 Seconds or Less ?

Before you work out your 30-second point, know exactly who you will be talking to and the one thing that person wants above all else, that will get a favorable reaction.

[Key points from Notes From “How To Get Your Point Across In 30 Seconds or Less” by Milo O. Frank]

Ask yourself:
 What am I talking about?
 What's the basis of my gameplan?
 What's the heart of what I will say?
 What's the single best statement that will lead me to
what I want?
 Can I comfortably build a case around this statement?
 What other vital statements will relate to this one?
 Will this relate to the needs & interests of my listener?
If more than one answer is the same, you've found your

Thirty seconds is the key. That's all the time you need to get your point across, in any situation. Your 30-second message causes you to
 focus your thinking
 focus your writing
 focus your speaking
 keep conversations on track
 prepare any form of communication more rapidly
 be more logical & concise
 shorten interviews & meetings
 facilitate listening
 reinforce conversations & presentations
 be more effective in any interview or meeting
 use questions & answers to make your point
 heighten your confidence, and
 get better results in your business & personal life

Three Basic Principles:
1. Know what you want.
2. Know who can give it to you.
3. Know how to get it. 


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