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If you want to find and connect with doctors worldwide, stay updated with the latest developments, share interesting cases, apply for jobs, courses and fellowships. You should visit PlexusMD.

Young minds Rohan Desai, Binal Doshi & Kinnar Shah had identified a problem , worked on a solution and executed their Idea.

To open a job portal for doctors

Doctors work in 3 shifts and on contract models, there is no consolidated place for these job openings

Plexusmd aims to be the for Doctors, currently they have 250+ job openings for Doctors in various specialties across leading healthcare chains and hospitals.

Wants to be the Facebook for Medicos & Doctors as only 15% of any batchmates are connected through Alumni so they created a doctor to doctor networking platform.

Doctors who want to promote their events can share their info on Plexusmd  and can share research, news and insights to their fellow Doctor communities.

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