STORM IN A TWITTER CUP - What is Twitter Storm?

STORM IN A TWITTER CUP - What is Twitter Storm?

What is #TwitterStorm?

A Twitterstorm is often started by a single person who sends his or her followers a message often related to breaking news or a controversial debate. Using a certain and often original hashtag, the tweet quickly spreads as people are notified of the message and then reuse the hashtag with subsequent retweets and tweets.

There are three types of Twitterstorms according to Precise:

The perfect Twitterstorm: Starts on Twitter, is picked up by traditional press and through various feedback loops and reaches a wide audience, even those who are not on Twitter.

The storm in a cup: A story that generates a relatively small interest on Twitter but is picked up by traditional media, so it still garners quite a wide audience. This usually occurs the mainstream media attempts to anticipate online trends before they actually occur.

The Twitter-only storm: A story that gains a significant volume of attention on Twitter but only might be of interest to a specific group and is not picked up by mainstream media.


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