Ultimate Pitch Deck to Raise Money for Startups

Ultimate Pitch Deck to Raise Money for Startups

Are you clueless about how to prepare a Startup Pitch deck to present it to your Angel or VC. Then here's the keynotes to make a perfect pitch.

Keynote 1 : Elevator Pitch
Impress the investor with your product or service in 15 seconds and he/she must say " WOW !! "

Keynote 2 : Traction
State that your product or service is sellable to target audience

Keynote 3 : Market
Tell them about your market, opportunities, target audience and etc with "Facts & Figures". The disgusting faced rich guy who is sitting in front of you, is not an asshole. Keep that in mind. Show them actual values and don't manipulate it.

Keynote 4 : The Problem
Understand them the problem what your are going to solve, very precisely.

Keynote 5 : Product / Service

Tell them,

Why you are solving ???

How you are solving ???

What you are solving ???

Keynote 6 : Revenue Model
What are the revenue models
Revenue Streams
Rate of cash inflow
Time constrains

Keynote 7 : Strategies
Plan a strategy for inclusive growth and sustainability
Marketing strategies for Product & Brand Management, Market Acquiring
Sales strategies for recurring sales and gradual sales growth
Operations strategies like Just In time
R&D strategies like Disciplined Business Experimentation

Keynote 8 : Team
The best thing you guys did in your life
Roles and Responsibilities
State that you are accountable for your role

Keynote 9 : Financials
Be confident about how much you want
How you want
How you gonna spend
What is the ROI
Must include the ratios Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Payback period
Use graphs to demo your financial projections

Keynote 10 : Market Competition
Competitors and Competition Analysis
How you are going to overcome the competition
Show them achievable milestones

About the AuthorArun Nair@ArunNair
Arun Nair is a Guest writer for Startuptimes.in . He is an Account Director at Backbench Studios and passionate about Startups and Funding

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